140A 140B 143A 143B 143C 144A 144B 144C 148 149A 149B 150A 150B 151A 151B 152A 152B 154A 154B 156 158A 159A 159B Main Events
10:40 11:40
Fixing the Midterms Dropoff Nightmare
Presenters: Dale McGrew (We Vote) , Dale McGrew, Jenifer Ancona
Rage Against the [DEBT] Machine
Presenters: Erin Hofteig, Chelsey Herrig, Sara Robertson, Heather Valentine, Christopher Settles
Thinking Outside the [Ballot] Box: Achieving Cultural Change through Corporate Victories
Presenters: Jennifer Hoppe (Moms Demand Action), Deena Fidas (Human Rights Campaign)
We’re going to field a real national poll during Rootscamp
Presenters: Dan Castleman (Clarity Campaign Labs), John Hagner (Clarity Campaign Labs), Mindy Lee (Clarity Campaign Labs), Anna Thorson (Clarity Campaign Labs)
WhoLeads.Us? Case Study of a Successful Campaign
Presenters: Jenifer Fernandez Ancona - Women Donors Network, Donny Bridges - NOI, Frank Chi - Chi/Donahoe, Ashindi Maxton - consultant
OMG: THIS is what Boehner, Obama & McConnell Agree On?
Presenters: Beth Allen
What's next?
Presenters: Michael Crawford (Freedom to Marry), Jessalyn Kiesa (Blue State Digital), Danielle Kantor (Blue State Digital)
Media Training and Communications Bootcamp
Presenters: John Neffinger
Revolutionary + Reformist = Social Change
Presenters: Juliette Shen (18mr.org), Eileeen Shen (Pro-Choice Washington)
Online Targeting: How to Build Your Audience and Go after the Big Dogs to Make Change #blackroots14
Presenters: Tatenda Musapatike, Clarise McCants
Solidarity Think Tank
Presenters: Lourdes Ashley Hunter, Elle Hearns, Michael David Battle, Aiyi'nah Ford, Samantha Master
Organizing on the State Legislative Level
Presenters: David Griggs
The Badass Teachers Association - Fight to Save Public Education
Presenters: Dr. Denisha Jones, Marla Kilfoyle, Aixa Rodriguez, Melissa Tomlinson, and Dr. Yohuru Williams
Data Consultants: How to be Profitable from Day 1
Presenters: Amanda Peel, Amelia Showalter, Andrew Claster, Elliott Wilkes, Kassia DeVorsey, Reed Scharff, Warren Flood
2014 DCCC Debrief: Recruiting Volunteers Like Its 1942
Presenters: Daniel Scarvalone - DCCC, Gregory Jackson - DCCC
Presidential Approval, Young People, and the Formation of Political Generations: Combining Large-Scale Longitudinal Data With Modern Statistical Methods
Presenters: Yair Ghitza, Jonathan Robinson
Call Your Legislator
Presenters: Kevin Collins -- Analyst Institute, Genny Mayhew -- National Education Association, Amit Mistry -- League of Conservation Voters, Josh Rosmarin -- Analyst Institute
Want change? Meet us at the intersection of faith, race, and politics.
Presenters: Michelle P. - Moderator, Debbie - Seculary Community, Laila - Emerge USA-FL, Burrell - CompassionH, Chris B - Challenges of Interfaith Outreach
We Can't Be Sexist -- We're Progressive!
Presenters: Christine Letts, Jessica Broadmax - 423, Ariel Bichal - Chispa Consulting
The Fight for Restorative Justice: Alternative Based Strategies to Ending Criminalization in DC Area Schools
Presenters: Ana Diaz, Haydi Torres, Jalisa Orellana, Orlando Armstead, Delonte Williams
Meetup: AAPI / Latino
Presenters: N/A
Meetup: Youth / Climate
Mass Incarceration: The New Jim Crow
Presenters: Ariella Ben-Dov, Producer, The Return Sam Drzymala, Digital Director, Office of Senator Cory Booker Rebecca Vallas, Associate Director, From Poverty to Prosperity Program, Center for American Progress Menna Demessie, Ph.D., Vice President, Policy Analysis and Research, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc.
11:55 12:55
Fundraising is Organizing. Raising $$$ with NationBuilder
Presenters: Mike Moschella, Robin Alberts-Marigza
Tackling the Last Frontier
Presenters: Aaron Folsom, Andrea Kraus, Alana Manre, Mollie Binotto, Amber Margentina (Alaska Victory '14)
Building a Progressive Yelp! Finding the right tools for you.
Presenters: James Villarrubia - DNC Audrey Sonntag - AFL-CIO
Engaging Citizens in Emerging Democracies: Do Ganz-type organizing principles work in other parts of the world?
Presenters: Gabriel Tobias (National Democratic Institute) Brittany Danisch (NDI), Chantille Viand (NDI)
Ain't Nobody Got Time For A Lecture: Why humor matters
Presenters: Jesse Berney, Lizz Winstead
Don't Just Do Field, Do Field Right: Mobile Canvassing
Presenters: Nic Zateslo - America Votes Shwetika Baijal - Forward Progress
#Winning with social media: election 2014 lessons by the people who were there
Presenters: Beth Becker, Dave Stoup
Latinos, It's All About That Vote! #AboutThatVote
Open Discussion on Integrating Palestine Solidarity Work Into Our Movement
Presenters: Sean Estelle, STP National Steering COmmittee
From Ferguson to Ayotzinapa - Una Sola Lucha Impact of the Drug War on Communities of Color
Presenters: Jeronimo Saldana (Drug Policy Alliance)
Help Wanted!: Recruiting Candidates In Your Community
Presenters: Jessica Byrd
So You Want to Be a Digital Director?
Presenters: Amanda Litman, Brian Krebs, Catherine Algeri, John Brougher, Mike Davidson, Alex Kellner (moderator)
You can really say that about abortion on Facebook?
Presenters: Ilyse Hogue, Patty Carnevale
Analytics For Small Campaigns: How we've adapted big campaign tools for small campaign uses, and how to do better in 2016
Presenters: Andrew Therriault and Sam McCabe, DNC/ Dan Scarvalone, DCC/ Dan Castleman and John Hagner, Clarity Campaign Labs, plus others from Analyst Instiute, Haystaq DNA, and more!
Multi Racial Organizing- Where do I fit in?
Bridging the Communication Divide between Data and Field
Meetup: LGBTQ / Labor
Presenters: None
Meetup: Labor / Disability
14:30 15:30
Pinpointing the Persuadables
Presenters: Dan Porter, BlueLabs Head of Analytics
10 Brilliant Tips to upgrade your org's culture
Presenters: Ultraviolet, Daily Kos, Moms Rising, MoveON, SumofUs, Change.org, Farmigo, EMILY's List, Viv Benjamin
An Action Network For Us All: Powerful online organizing tools (especially if you're a progressive without much cash)
Presenters: Robyn Swirling, Jason Rosenbaum
Fox in the Henhouse: Corporate Political Interference and Case Studies from the Movement to Take Back our Democracy
10 Tips for Designing Fundraising Emails
Presenters: Meg Vazquez- DNC Kelsey Colon - Emily's List
Beyond Vanity Metrics? A Conversation about New (and Old!) Engagement Metrics
Presenters: Colin Holtz
Balloonacy! Lessons learned from using organizing skills to just have fun
Presenters: Sam Novey, Jack Cashion
Building a Positive Culture in Your Field Program
Does Jesus Hate Abortion?!
Organizing the Un-Organized! Lessons from a Fast-Food Worker
Presenters: Bianca Waddy, Cassandra Shaw
Political Podcasting
Distributed Organizing at a scale never seen
Presenters: Seth Bannon, Amicus Jessica Hyejin Lee, Handstack John Warnow, 350.org Nathan Woodhull, Control Shift Labs
Winning our losses: building (coordinated) power for 2016
Presenters: Vinnie Wishrad, Kristin Brown
The Draft Warren Movement
Presenters: Erica Sagrans,Ben Wikler,Annie Weinberg,Chuck Rocha,Robel Tekleab
Fighting for Justice on Fronts
Presenters: Sahar Wali
How a Multi-Party System Will Solve All Your Problems...Or Not.
Presenters: Rita Fromolt, Parm Kahlon, Anders Friis, Yussi Pick
Organizing for Accessibility: Campaign Tools and Tactics that Include People with Disabilities
Presenters: Greg Havenstein, Jeff Davis, Jenna Colazzi
From Farm to Field - How fresh data updates can make the difference in field campaigns.
Presenters: Jacob Thomspon Fisher, Gary Brown
Meetup: Black / African-American / Gun Violence Prevention
Presenters: None
Meetup: Atheist / Agnostic / Interfaith
Republicans Won the Midterms. The NRA Did Not. How gun sense became the silver lining of the 2014 elections.
Presenters: Samantha Rodgers, Mitch Stewart
15:45 16:45
#TalkDownJulienBlanc: How we got a white guy deported for sexism
Presenters: Jennifer Li
Campaign Tech 2020
Presenters: Colin Delany, John Lee (NGPVAN), Andrew Brown (DNC), Amelia Showalter (Formerly OFA), Betsy Hoover (270 Strategies), Tim Anderegg (NOI)
Cleaning the Email Commons: Fighting for the Future of Email, Not Just the Day-to-day
Presenters: Adam Green (PCCC), Will Bunnett (Trilogy), Charles Chamberlain (DFA), Lauren Miller (Elizabeth Warren)
Power (Editor) to the People AKA Facebook Ads 201
Presenters: Chase Mohney
Food: The Next Great Movement
Teenage Mutant Civic Hurdles: Engaging Youth Through Technology
Presenters: Laurie Lenninger, Alex Schreiner
Presenters: Diana Whitten, Vessel
Spamilicious Confessions: Best Practices to Avoid the Spam Trap
Presenters: Taryn Rosenkranz, Brandt McCool
Using Improv Games to Deepen Social Justice Dialogue
Beyonce and Bad Feminism
Presenters: Terryn Hall
Technology Skills for Organizers - P2P Discussion About Best Practices for Leveling Up
Pope Francis, Progressive Politics, and 2016
Presenters: Michael Sherrard, Chris Hale
ProgressUI, Behind VAN5
Presenters: Aharon Wasserman, Justin Lewis
What is "Right to Work" and Why Should I Care? Fighting Against the Right's Most Deceptive Message
Presenters: Brad Bauman (Labor Table), Carli Stevenson (AFSCME)
10 Things Progressives Should Learn from Rob Ford
Presenters: Stefan Avlijas, Paul Finch, Amy Leanan
2016 Democrats’ Digital To-Do List
Presenters: Matthew McGregor, Matt Compton
Your Inner VAN
Presenters: Marcella Vitulli, Aharon Wasserman
You Can't Sit With Us: A Case Study in Member Engagement through Secret Facebook Groups
Presenters: Reuben Hayslett, Working Families Party
Moral Monday: Lessons from the Front Lines
Presenters: Marina A. Skinner
Reflections in the Glass Ceiling: Archetypes of Women in the Workplace
Meetup: Women / Students
Presenters: None
Meetup: Transgender / Immigration Reform
Undocumented and Indivisible
09:45 10:45
Rootscamp's Next Top Model
Presenters: Andy Zack (ShareProgress)
Millions of Meaningful Conversations
Presenters: Todd Smyth, Robert Sledzaus, Jim Moran
GIS and Maps
Presenters: Becca Siegel, Noah Glusenkamp
One Weird Trick: How to use Facebook ads to boost email fundraising
Presenters: Larry Huynh, Brian O'Grady, Chase Mohney
Finding the intersectionality of our issues
Presenters: Z Shane Zaldivar from TAG, Andrea Zekis from ArTEC
The Future of Digital Comms
Presenters: Jenna Lowenstein, Laura Olin, Lauren Miller, Jessica Morales, Nickie Titus, Melissa Ryan, Amanda Litman
The Facebook Alogrithm isn't the Enemy
Presenters: Beth Becker, Drew Bernard
Using Art for Human Rights Change
Presenters: Marissa Gutierrez-Vicario, Clare Kambhu, and Michaela Miragliotta
Lazy Young Voters - Debunking the (Millennial) Myth
Presenters: Alexandra Fiores-Quilty, Cheyenne Davis, Jackson Sump, Ian Bridgeforth
Researching with Python: Saving Time & Changing the Scope of What's Possible
Presenters: Bethan Quinn, SEUI, Jessica Garson, NEA
HEY, FIRSTNAME: Advanced Email Personalization Tech Using Your Mass Mailer
Presenters: Yahel Carmon, Jason Rosenbaum, Rob Winikates, Kidron Lewis, Alex Stevens
Don't worry, be hAPI: Organizing Data for Organizers
Presenters: Amy Ngai, Jenna Colazzi, Elaine Kamlley
The election is over. Now what? Can Distributed Organizing Shake Up 2015 and Beyond
Presenters: Maria Tchijov, Jackie Mahendra, Jay Carmona, Jess Kutch, Lonnie Scott, and David Norton
Design Principles & Hacks for Non-Designers
Presenters: Sarah Baker -- Creative Director, NOI
Click aquí, por favor: Building online Latino environmental action
Presenters: Martin Witchger
Shaping AAPI Narratives to be Included in Mainstream Issues
Presenters: Sandra Shelly, Dia Bui
What the Hell To Do When You Have No Voter File
Presenters: Stefan Aulijas, Justin Miller, David Kuennen, Elliot Wilkes
#BlackLivesMatter: How to End Police Brutality and Gun Violence
Presenters: Ali Hoffman, William Brooks, Greg Jackson
Meetup: Youth / Disability
Presenters: None
Meetup: Climate / Immigration Reform
Case Study: The Invisible War, from Movie to Movement
Presenters: Heidi Nel, Rachel Tardiff, Erin Longbottom, Todd Beaton
11:00 12:00
Storytelling in Action: Power of Human Narrative
Presenters: Amy Lynn Smith - Writer and strategist, Sara Cederberg - Digintal Director, Al Franken for Senate
How to Get Media + Break Through on Your Issue
Presenters: Rachel Tardiff, Christina DiPasquale
Applying Big Data and Analytics to #WinonClimate - or the issue of your choice
Presenters: Brandyn Keating
#TurnOutForWhat: Leveraging the Cool Factor to Bring Voting on Trend
Presenters: Ashley Spillane, Dan McSwain
Equity + Organizing: Everything is Racist #WeAreAllFucked
Presenters: Pakou Her
Presenters: Lloyd Cotler, Martin Wichger, Raylab, Doug Foote, Quincey Smith
Making your website not suck: Tips and Tricks from PowerThru Consulting
Presenters: Laura Packard, Drew Hudson
A crisis in our country's mental health - a conversation
Presenters: Andrews Marquez-Lara
From Biker Clubs to Union Halls: Making Physical Spaces for the Movement
Presenters: Regina Grossman, Gabriel Johnson, Will O'Neill, Mike Geck
The (Un)holy Alliance of Faith & Politics: the Emerging Multi-faith Movement for Justice
Presenters: Michelle Reyf, Felicia Yoda, Wendy Low
How to sustain a lifetime in the movement without going too crazy!
Presenters: Heather Booth
Television and Online Targeting for Field Staff
Presenters: Bennett Hillenbrand, Taylor Terry, Jim Walsh
The Antidote for Police Brutality: A Field & Policy 4 Justice
Presenters: Louis Romain, Pamela Means
No More Silos! All Your Data Together with OSDI
Presenters: Jason Rosenbaum (Action Network), Josh Cohen (OSDI), Tim Anderegg (NOI)
Building the Digital Pipeline
Presenters: Betsy Hoover, John Brougher
Easy Mapping for Non-Data People. Come in with a laptop, leave with a map.
Presenters: Nancy Stalnaker, Colorado Democratic Party
There Were 6 People at the Disability Caucus: Why Disability Should Be Part of the Progressive Movement
Presenters: Liz April, Sarah Berlin, Greg Haverstein
No More Crumbs: People of color should have a seat at the table
Presenters: Marina A. Skinner, Chuck Wongus
Freedom Side: How 60+ POC leaders took up the mantle of '64 Freedom Summer
Presenters: Jess Morales, Charlene Carruthers, Enchanta Jackson, Dante Barry
Meetup: Gun Violence Prevention / Women
Meetup: Tech / *
12:30 13:30
Lunch Plenary: NGP VAN presents Disrupt 2016
Presenters: Eight organizations present lightning talks, with Q&A and panel discussion.
14:00 15:00
Is this thing on? How to know whether your digital ads are actually working
Presenters: Stephanie Grasmick, Kevin Collins
We Need to Talk About Palestine
Presenters: Mikey Franklin, Mohammed Maraqa
Make Your Shit Less Ugly: How to Write CSS
Presenters: Camden Lee (USAction)
A Court Case you'd swipe right for: creating an earned media + digital strategy that makes litigation sexy
Presenters: Aaron Sarver, Adam Polaski
Building a mindful and effective movement against sexual violence
Presenters: Ayelet Reiter
Start Your Own SuperPAC
Presenters: RL Miller @ClimateHawkVote, Brad Johson @Climatebrad
Unlikely Bedfellows: lessons from 2014 on using issue messaging and unlikely partnerships to win key demographics
Presenters: NextGen Climate, Planned Parenthood
How to Convince Your Boss They Should Start Listbuilding Yesterday
Presenters: Peter Anich (BPI), Joel Cohen (Facebook), Bridget Halligan (270), Madeline Twomey (BPI)
Decisions not just Delegation: Investing in Leaders
Presenters: Anita Tang
Where do the bullets go? A discussion on police/community reports
Presenters: Burrell Poe, Christopher Brown, Alfonso Giscombe, William Brooks
Why do Governments Suck at Tech? And What can we about it.
Presenters: Mayor Alex Torpy, Robin Alberts
Why We #ShutItDown
Presenters: Savannah Fox (Amnesty Internation), Johnetta Elizizie (Ferguson Protester and Editor of Newsletter), Erika Totten (DC Organizer for the Unchained)
Radical HR: Best/Worst Practices for Creating Inclusive Workspaces
Presenters: Mariah Minigan, Jen Perrone, Courage Kimber
Don't You Even: Facebook Lessons from 2014
Presenters: Crystal Patterson
VoteKing Workshop & Demo: Leveraging Personal Testimonies in Achieving Political Change
Presenters: Iany Ianachkova, Creator of VoteKing
Have a Model? Here’s a Media Plan.
Presenters: Danielle Butterfield (BPI), Ivanka Farrell (BPI), Ed Niles (DCCC), Chase Mohney (Facebook)
#Winning APIs - available + coming soon from NGPVAN + DNC
Presenters: Mike Jensen (DNC), Drew Miller (NGPVAN)
#RealTalk: A Unified Front and the Need for Cross Movement Building
Presenters: Cassie Tangney, Sebastian Belasquez, Irene Godinez, Eileen Pollet
Technology for #BlackLivesMatter
Presenters: Brittany King, Aliya Rahman, Selina Musuta, Lauren Mayeux, Tatenda
Beyond Equality: How Are We Healing and Moving Forward with Sustained Intentional Acts of Service
Presenters: Lourdes Ashley Hunter, Gaby Garcia-Vera, Elle Hearnes
Meetup: Atheist / Agnostic / Latino
Meetup: LGBTQ / Black / African-American
Economic Injustice
Presenters: Kiley Kraskouskas, Producer, Can’t Take it No More! Adam Lioz, Counsel and Senior Advisor, Policy & Outreach Jess Morales, Senior Digital Strategist at AFL-CIO and Freedom Side Digital
15:15 16:15
Rootscamp sourced National Poll - We have your results!
Presenters: John Hagher, Mindy Lee, Anna Thorson
Bringing it back to the Basics: Organizing at the Union Workplace for Political Campaigns
Presenters: Katie Gjertsen
Black & Brown Pride in Higher Ed. What is an HBCU/HSI?
Presenters: Elaina Garza (Tuskegee U.), Amber Smith (Hampton U.), Melissa Perez (CSU-Pueblo)
What do you mean by "women's" issues?!? The role of women's rights orgs in the fight for racial + trans justice.
Presenters: Clarise McCants, Aimee Castenell, Emma Akpan, Bridget Todd
Lights! Camera! Call to Action! Making the most of video in your campaign
Presenters: Liz Morrison (Airbnb NYC), Matty Greene (Dept. of Energy)
Ableism: It isn't a bad word
Presenters: Neal Carter, Michael Piel
It's the Economy Stupid: Rebuilding the Economy for the 99% - Our Dire Economic Crisis and How to Fix It
Presenters: Peter Rush (Progressive Democrats of America)
What Should Labor Do Now
Presenters: Ed Mattos - IW Local 201
Guided Meditation
Presenters: Devon Hopkins
DC Voters Matter: The Outrageous Affront to Democracy
Presenters: Barbara Helmick, Kim Perry -- DC Statehood Coalition + DC Vote, Joan Shipps, Nate Bennett Fleming, Jose Mattess, Markus Batchelor
Brogressives, here are your talking points: Consent as a framework for social justice
Presenters: Kristina Romines, NOW Elise Coletta, NOW Caitlin Gullickson
Creating Art, Making Change: The Campaign to #StopTransMurders
Presenters: Kayley Whalen
The Hunger Games, Fight for 15, and Ferguson: Using Popular Culture to Make Social Justice Popular
Presenters: Andrew Slack (Co-Founder and Movement Director for the Harry Potter Alliance)
Your Respectability Politics Won't Save You
Presenters: Tiph Browne, Yaya Mckoy
Learn How To Influence Politicians Like The Banks....With Experiments!
Presenters: David Broockman + Jesh Kalla -- UC Berkeley + Mo Maraqa -- BlueLabs
How Do I Run a Campaign On A Small Budget?
Presenters: Brian Kemmet, Matt Stegman -- MD General Assembly
Black Women in Digital
Presenters: Loryn Wilson, Tatenda Musapatike
How to Communicate with EVERY Likely Voter in 2016
Presenters: Charles Lenchner (Organizing 2.0), Bob Fertik (Democrats.com), Sahar Massachi (Data Science)
Diversity Survey: Results and Discussion
Presenters: Code for Progress (Aliya Rahman, Michelle Fox, Dirk Wiggins, Elaine Kamlley, Selina Musuta, Aurea Martinez)
No Activist Left Behind: Building an Inclusive Movement to End Gun Violence
Presenters: Chris Brown, Aaron Black, Mayu Takeda
Simple Tricks to Up Your A/B Testing Game
Presenters: Jim Pugh (Share Progress), Michael Grenetz (Actionsprout), Allyson Goldsmith (United Nations Foundation), Nathan Empsall (Care2)
Meetup: Transgender / Interfaith
Meetup: International / Women
Too Many Cooks: How to work with your designer
Presenters: Sarah Baker (NOI), Ben Ostrower (Wide Eye Creative), Sara Denewith (Everytown for Gun Safety)
16:30 17:30
Closing Plenary: Most Valuable Organizer, Campaign, Technology & Session Awards Ceremony in Ballroom