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When you arrive at RootsCamp, you'll see what we call "The Wall." It's our schedule and map for the next two days. The only thing you'll see on the Wall when you get there will be our seeded and partner sessions which will comprise 1/5 of all the sessions. All the others will be filled in following the first session. 

Session 1 will be all set and ready to go with  presentations from caucus attendees and the sessions with the most votes from our RootsCamp Session Moderator. The cards handed in will be reviewed and posted during Session 1 and will also be available on the RootsCamp App with the full schedule for the day.

On Day 2, we'll do it all over again!

So make sure you post your ideas in the Moderator, which will be available in October, and get friends to vote for them! Also join us for our caucuses and maybe your session idea will be given a reserved spot on the wall



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