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Welcome To Rootscamp

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"The success of RootsCamp...helps explain the yawning digital divide between the two parties... RootsCamp has served as a crash course in best practices for thousands of lefties." 

--Robert Draper, Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?"

New York Times Magazine, February 14, 2014 


Registration for RootsCamp 2014 is now open!

RootsCamp is an open space "unconference" where the agenda is driven by the people who attend. Over the past seven years, RootsCamp has grown to become one of the most important events in progressive organizing.

We'll have everyone from first-time field organizers to the leaders of national organizations, digital directors, data geeks, and everyone in between sharing what they've done and planning for the future. RootsCamp is a one-of-a-kind collaboration of progressive activists of all stripes and experience levels, a chance to grow your skills, share your knowledge, and build your network.

What is the Agenda?

The agenda is set on-site. At the start of each day, attendees fill out cards and post the sessions they're interested in presenting. Before coming to RootsCamp, talk to friends about what you'd like to present and see if you can work together on something. Prior to the event, we'll host online trainings on how to make your session as effective as possible!

Who do I present with? What's the format?

You can conduct a session alone, or with others. Formats vary -- presentations of case studies, discussions, Q&A's, demos or skill-share sessions, or a mix. The format is up to you, but we urge you to facilitate a session that gets attendees talking and participating. We discourage "expert" panels and dry powerpoints.

When and where do I post my awesome session?

You submit your session to "The Wall" at 9 AM each morning. Our team builds out the schedule, and the final agenda for the day will be posted via screens throughout the convention center and our RootsCamp app, which will be available on iPhone and Android devices. We also encourage you to create Twitter hashtags for your session and use social media to promote it!

Can I get pre-order my RootsCamp t-shirt? 

Your union printed shirt wil be waiting for you when you get to RootsCamp in December. T-shirts are only available at RootsCamp and shipping is not available. Every year we run out of select designs, so make sure you are not left out! 

Reserve your RootsCamp T-shirt now! 

Registration for RootsCamp 2014 is now open!