Everything You Need to Know About RootsCamp!



December 13th & 14th, 2014

Washington Convention Center

Washington, D.C.



If you are coming from most major cities in the Northeast, the buses are quite affordable and usually (thought not always reliably) offer electrical outlets as well as free wi-fi. If you order far enough in advance, you can get tickets for well under $20 in most cases.

Bolt Bus



If you’re flying, we recommend using Orbitz to arrange your travel.

When deciding what airport to fly into, try to use DCA, as it’s the easiest to negotiate as far as ground transportation/Metro goes and it is closest to the city.



If you are looking for a hotel, please use the Hotel Workers Rising website to make your decisions and stay away from Hyatt.

In the meantime however, for those looking for something thrifty, we always happily recommend DC Lofty & Capital Hostels.

Additionally, we can also recommend using Priceline Negotiator as you can get some excellent rates on hotels in the DC area.


Where is RootsCamp? It will take place in Washington, D.C. at the Washington Convention Center.


Do you have RootsCamp Caucuses this year? Yes! We'll be holding them the day before RootsCamp begins - Friday, December 12, 2014.


What should I bring? Please help us keep RootsCamp as green as possible by bringing a water bottle and/or coffee mug to help keep waste down. Bring any chargers you'll need for your computer, phone, etc. And don't forget your best practices to share!


What should I wear? Check the Capital Weather Gang blog or follow @capitalweather for the latest weather conditions.


Should I tell people about RootsCamp? Yes! Show and tell! You can tweet and instagram all your great moments using the hashtag #roots14. You can also send your photos to photos@rootscamp.org and they'll post to RootsCamp.org and our Flickr stream


Are there scholarships available? YES! We are giving out a limited number of scholarships to RootsCamp. These scholarships will include a small travel/housing reimbursement in addition to a free registration. We will be accepting applicants on a rolling basis until November 15th. Click here to apply!

Are there any group discounts? Of course! For 6 - 9 people, we give a 10% discount and for 10 or more people, we give a 20% discount. Just email jamie@neworganizing.com before purchasing your tickets if you'd like to take advantage of a group discount!